Sweets 4 U

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The only newsagents inside touchwood.

Sweets 4 U will be stocking a massive variety of drinks, candy, crisp and chocolate from around the world with a focus on large USA selection, along with many fun & crazy toy sweets that are reusable after the candy's been eaten making your ££ go further!

Come and see the pick and mix that will ONLY house VEGAN & VEGETARIAN sweets.

The sampling we have done over the past few months has been immense to bring to touchwood a pick & mix that's very much wanted by the centre shoppers!

Please pop in and ask a member of staff for assistance if you have any dietary questions.

We will be posting all the exclusive arrivals on our Insta page (sweets4u_solihull)☝


Be sure to follow us the stock is now arriving daily from all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you in store soon.