Touchwood is home to the only cinema in Solihull.

The 1,855 seat cinema’s nine cutting-edge screens deliver crystal-clear images and a powerful digital sound system; perfect to watch blockbuster releases.

The Cineworld Superscreen in Solihull will offer customers an option to see the latest movies on a breath-taking wall-to-wall, ceiling-high screen. The Superscreen auditorium will seat 364 people, and will also include a 4K projector giving a brighter 3D experience and stunning multidimensional sound with Dolby Atmos speakers, powered by 44 amplifiers.

Cineworld has a Baskin Robbins ice cream kiosk and a Starbucks kiosk, a first for Cineworld.

Movies for Juniors performances are available from just £2.50.

*Opening times may vary, depending on film start times.  We open 30 minutes prior to the showing of the first film.