The Real Greek

The Real Greek embodies the culinary heritage of the Eastern Mediterranean. Taking in the best of Greece’s gastronomic traditions, from the hundreds of islands to the fertile mainland and mountains, as well as the latest innovations of the capital’s restaurant scene.
It sources core ingredients directly from the finest suppliers in Greece. Its olive oil, which can be found in everything from the houmous to the salads, is pressed from an ancient grove in Crete, home of the world’s oldest living olive tree. The honey is made by bees on the island of Ikaria, which is renowned for the longevity of its people. While the feta, found in its Spicy Feta Dip, as well as many other dishes, hails from a region in Northern Greece called Epirus.
The Real Greek works with chefs in Athens to keep on top of the latest trends that are emerging in the capital. The creative direction in the kitchen is led by Michelin star awarded Nikos Karathanos, alongside Tonia Buxton, a celebrity chef, and the face of Greek food in Britain. Tonia brings a passion for authentic Greek cuisine, born from an early apprenticeship in her mother’s kitchen in Cyprus.
The Menu
Guests can mix and match from a selection of three types of meze: Cold, Hot and Grilled. The Cold Meze dishes include a variety of dips, such as: The Real Greek’s daily blended Houmous, and the rich and creamy Taramasalata which is made with undyed, salted and cured cod roe.
The Hot Meze dishes feature classics such as; The Real Greek Halloumi Fries and Dolmades which are vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomato, and fresh herbs. 
The Grilled Meze is made up of meat and seafood dishes, including Lamb Skewers and Tonia’s Prawns, a recipe of tiger prawns in a rich tomato sauce with Pourgouri.
Vegan dishes, specially designed by Tonia Buxton, include mouth-watering plant-based dishes such as their Chickpea Filo Triangles. Meat-free versions of Greek classics such as Soutzoukakia (Vegan Meatballs) and the Jackfruit Stifado also feature on the menu. 
For those that want to taste Greece’s hero street food dish, the Souvlaki at The Real Greek comes with several options for fillings. Their flatbreads come stuffed with chips and homemade tzatziki and your choice of grilled meat, Cypriot halloumi, Kalamari, falafel, or vegan jackfruit.
For dessert, there’s a choice of dishes such as traditional Baklava, Greek Filo Custard Pie, and Greek Yoghurt with Walnuts in Syrup.
The Real Greek’s carefully curated wine list pays homage to the ancient Greeks, who pioneered new methods of wine production. The variety of wines use a diverse range of grapes from across different regions in Greece, and also feature a number of vintages from winemaking communities in Europe. Beers and cider, fresh juices, and Greek coffee and mountain tea are also available.
About The Real Greek Restaurants
The Real Greek interior features a light blue and white colour scheme inspired by the Mediterranean. Each restaurant has a distinct style, featuring the art of Greece and the islands to encapsulate the essence of the Eastern Mediterranean.
The business launched in 1999 and now has 25 The Real Greek sites. 

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